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Calcium Stearates Manufacturers

Zinc Stearates Manufacturers in India

Alapolystabs is a top-notch Zinc Stearates Manufacturers in India, known for offering application-specific grades with excellent performance at a fair market price. We make a range of zinc stearates by fusion, precipitation, and our proprietary semi-wet process.

Our company combines R&D, production, and sales, supported by a group of experts who are all seasoned engineers in this field. As one of the top manufacturers of Zinc Stearates and a major player, we constantly improve the technology and apparatus used in our production.

Furthermore, by utilizing the raw materials where needed, we have strong control over them. To guarantee the consistency of the final products' quality. With a comprehensive laboratory for inspecting both raw materials and completed goods, our business can ensure the supreme quality of Zinc Stearates.

About Zinc Stearates

The Calcium Zinc Stabilizers are a fluffy, fine white powder. It is the Zinc Metal salt of fatty acid, with wide use in the plastic and rubber industry. It is considered a strong releasing agent which is insoluble in water, alcohol, and other liquids.

  • In the plastics industry, zinc stearate serves as a processing aid and an acid scavenger.
  • Zinc Stearate is an activator used in the rubber vulcanization process.
  • Zinc Stearate is used by the paint and coating industry to enhance matting and grinding capabilities, as well as pigment suspension.
  • Application of Zinc Stearates

  • It is used to improve the texture of cosmetic products by acting as a lubricant
  • In the construction industry, zinc stearate is used as a hydrophobic agent for plasters.
  • Due to its transparent, dispersal, and water-repellent properties, it is used to paint and varnish in the plastic industry.
  • It is also used as the adhesive of fragrance powder to enhance the adhesion of fragrance powder to skin
  • Moreover, it is a waterproofing agent for concrete, paper and fabric.
  • Applications
    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
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