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Tri Basic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India
We are the leading Tri Basic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India. We are dedicated to offering premium lead stabilizers, often known as inorganic lead compounds. TBLS is a short form of Tri Basic Lead Sulphate. It is a white-powdered substance. It acts as a heat stabilizer at high temperatures during rigid PVC processing. Its applications include the manufacturing of cables and extrusions and calendaring operations. Also used in molded PVC products, but cannot be used in articles that are likely to come in contact with foodstuff.

Tri Basic Lead Sulphate is the most common and flexible lead-based heat stabilizer for PVC is. Tri Basic Lead Sulphate, which is offered by ALA Polystabs Private Limited, has very uniform particle size and distribution, which promotes good distribution in the PVC matrix and, as a result, improved heat stability, shine, and output. PVC stabilizers are the major application for lead stabilizers. Because they offer heat stability and prevent degradation of the PVC polymer both during production and during its useful life, these additives are known as "thermal stabilizers."

In PVC, Tri Basic Lead Sulphate possesses exceptional stabilizing qualities. It allows PVC compounds and products to be made with lower stabilizers, because of the unique surface coating. It improves the efficiency of lower concentrations, and indeed at a reduced cost.

Our company's mission statement is to satisfy the industry that's why we are known as PVC Stabilizer Manufacturers in India and Calcium Stearates Manufacturers. Even though there is fierce rivalry in this sector, we work hard to offer our customers the things they need with reasonable prices, alluring discounts, and helpful and professional service.

Top-Notch Tribasic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers

Our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes us Tribasic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India. With a proven track record, we prioritize stringent quality control measures, cutting-edge technology, and eco-friendly practices.

You can trust us as your dependable partner for all your Tribasic Lead Sulphate needs, ensuring consistent quality and on-time deliveries. Experience peace of mind and product excellence by choosing us as your trusted manufacturer for Metal Stearates and PVC One Pack Stabilizer.

Application & Usage:

  • Due to good flow properties Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used for making PVC and Board products (Stabilizer of Plastic PVC Products) e.g. rubber, cables, pipes, artificial leather and other products are made using it.
  • Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used in cable sheathing due to its good electrical properties.
  • Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used in production of Pipes for conveyance of gases and liquids and Injection moulding.
  • Precaution to Use Tribasic Lead Sulphate

    When using Tribasic Lead Sulphate, it is crucial to follow safety precautions to protect yourself and the environment. Here are six key precautions:

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Always wear appropriate PPE, including gloves, safety goggles, lab coat, and a respiratory mask when handling Tribasic Lead Sulphate to prevent skin contact, eye irritation, or inhalation of dust.
    Ventilation: Work in a well-ventilated area or use exhaust systems to minimize inhalation of fumes and dust. Avoid generating dust through excessive handling or pouring.
    Avoid Ingestion: Never eat, drink, or smoke in the vicinity of Tribasic Lead Sulphate. Ingestion can lead to severe health issues, so maintain strict hygiene practices.
    Storage: Store Tribasic Lead Sulphate in a cool, dry place, away from incompatible materials, heat, and open flames. Follow proper labeling and keep it out of reach of children.
    Spill Management: In case of spills, use appropriate absorbent materials to contain and clean up the spill. Dispose of contaminated materials according to hazardous waste regulations.
    Waste Disposal: Dispose of Tribasic Lead Sulphate waste as hazardous waste according to local regulations. Do not pour it down the drain or discard it with regular trash.
    Tri Basic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India
    Tri Basic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India
    Tri Basic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India
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