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Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
We are the Largest Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in India. Ca-Zn Stabilizers are new-generation stabilizers that gained importance in the PVC market, being completely Non-Toxic. As a Leader of Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in Delhi, we mainly consist of Calcium Stearate, Zinc Stearate, organic and inorganic non-toxic co-stabilizers, and internal and external lubricants.

Ca-Zn Stabilizers have been widely used in PVC rigid and flexible objects. Some advantage of Ca-Zn Stabilizers is high heat stability. The most compelling attribute of Calcium Zinc Stabilizers is that they are highly cost-effective. They are lead-free stabilizers and replacements for lead-based stabilizers for all PVC applications. The mixture of metal salts leads to effective stabilization in PVC processing stability and long-lasting stability.

Because it is a metal-free stabilizer, calcium zinc stabilizers are used to make products including pipes, medical devices, footwear, cables, and profiles. In accordance with food regulatory laws, calcium zinc stabilizers are also acceptable for non-toxic and food-grade PVC products that need FDA and/or equivalent approval.

Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers

Some countries have banned the usage of LEAD stabilizers. So for specific applications, it would make sense to shift to Calcium Zinc based stabilizers. As Calcium Stearates Manufacturers and Zinc Stearates Manufacturers, we provide calcium and zinc which have good thermal stability and processing performance, reasonable formulation, and excellent dispersion. It can, without a doubt, lessen the granular material's color variation, improve the smoothness of the surface, improve its electrical qualities, and speed up the extrusion process.

Our performance-driven calcium-zinc stabilizers offer great long-term color retention, exceptional mechanical qualities, and a high level of weathering resistance. Today, we are one of the leading Metal Stearates Manufacturers and Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in India. Due to our indigenous innovative capacity and commitment to sustainable development, we have developed excellent products with a competitive advantage. Our Calcium Zinc Stabilizers are available in powder, granule, pellet, and flake form.

Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in Delhi

  • We provide premium calcium stearates as a Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in Delhi. It is claimed that calcium stearate, which is utilized in oral medication formulations, is neither harmful nor irritating. It is noted in the FDA's database under “Generally Regarded as Safe.”
  • Calcium stearate is a food additive that can be added directly to food for human consumption as long as 1) the amount of the substance added to food does not exceed the amount reasonably required to achieve its intended physical, nutritive, or other technical effect in food, and 2) any substance intended for use in or on food is of appropriate food grade and is prepared and handled as a food ingredient.
  • Calcium stearate is a dietary ingredient that is used in resinous and polymeric coatings.
  • Feed-grade calcium stearate is a food ingredient that is approved in animal feed and drinking water.
  • Uses of Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in India

    Alapolystabs is a leading Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in India. Extensively used for Pipes, Profiles, Cable, Footwear, etc. It is manufactured using only the finest materials conforming to stringent quality norms. At Alapolystabs, we are the importers of Egypt Calcium Carbonate and Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers.

    Being the top Calcium Zinc Stabilizers Manufacturers in Delhi we offer premium quality Calcium Zinc Stabilizer. That is used in the cable industry or plasticized PVC (40-50 phr of plasticizers like DOP, DBP, TOTM, CPW, etc.) the grades are developed to give a good:

  • Static stability (color of PVC compound at 180C for different times, Tikki test, a chart of color deterioration with time is prepared)
  • Thermal stability (congo-red time or time taken for the PVC compound to decompose)
  • Volume resistivity, the wet VR, etc. (electrical properties) Special grades for HVAC and HVDC cables
  • Color holding (uncured compound should not change color with aging).
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    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
    Calcium Stearates Manufacturers
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