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Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers
ALA Polystabs Private Limited is the leading Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers. We provide a large selection of calcium carbonate in a variety of particle sizes so that each of our customers can get the right material at the right price.

We utilize the highest degree of sustainability, using uncoated and coated calcium carbonate from the purest and brightest source available (Stearic acid coating Calcite Powder). To guarantee the highest level of consistency for end customers, the production process is carried out in ISO standard factories using carefully chosen raw materials.

We also offer natural calcium carbonate that is obtained from high-purity Vietnam limestone and is not coated. It is used as a filler in several sectors to lower production costs. From 4 to 450 microns, we are capable of offering a wide range of particle sizes.

ALA Polystabs Private Limited provides is also known as Tri Basic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India and provides the Best-Quality limestone with the most modern grinding technology from the Hosokawa Alpine Group of Germany. Our experts are sure to bring the best quality products to the customers. Our products are widely used in the domestic market as well as international markets (such as Korea, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia).

Premium Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers

Vietnam is known for its high-grade Calcium Carbonate, and we facilitate access to this premium resource. At Alapolystabs, the Premium Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers, you can source Calcium Carbonate with confidence, meeting your production and quality standards.

Whether you require Calcium Carbonate for manufacturing, construction, or other applications, our importers ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain. We understand the importance of product quality and reliability in your business, hence offer top-quality Calcium Carbonate products from Vietnam. Our network ensures competitive prices and consistent supply.

Application of Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers

Pharmaceuticals: An important component of antacids and calcium supplements.
Food Industry: Used as a food additive and dietary supplement to fortify dairy and pastry goods.
Paints and Coatings: Acts as a filler and extender to improve the characteristics of paints.
Plastics: Improves mechanical characteristics while lowering production costs in the plastics industry.
Paper Industry: Increases the opacity and brightness of paper while lowering production costs.
Construction: Used to increase the workability and durability of concrete, mortar, and stucco.
Cosmetics: Used to add texture and opacity to cosmetics and personal care products.
Agriculture: Used as a soil conditioner to balance acidic soils and promote plant development.
Adhesives and Sealants: These are used to thicken and reinforce adhesives and sealants.
Environmental Remediation: A technique used in wastewater treatment to remove contaminants.

Uniqueness of Vietnam Calcium Carbonate

The uniqueness of Vietnam Calcium Carbonate lies in its exceptional purity and brightness, owing to the country's abundant high-grade limestone deposits. It boasts excellent particle size distribution, making it ideal for various industries. Its consistent quality and competitive pricing make it a preferred choice worldwide.

Moreover, its eco-friendly production processes align with sustainability goals. Vietnam Calcium Carbonate stands out as a top-notch raw material, meeting stringent standards while being environmentally responsible. Alapolystabs is also reconginized as the leading Tribasic Lead Sulphate Manufacturers in India and Metal Stearates Manufacturers.
Technical Specifications
Typical Chemical Properties (On Dry Basis)
Calcium Carbonate  CaCO3 98.98% min
Magnesium Oxide MgO 00.15%max.
Silicon Dioxide (Silica) SiO2 00.02%max 
Ferric Oxide Fe2O3 00.01%max
Aluminium Oxide (Alumina) Al2O3  00.02%  max
Typical Physical Properties
Oil Absorption 24g/100g CaCO3 max.
Whiteness (KONICA MINOLTA - Japan) 97% min
Brightness (KONICA MINOLTA - Japan) 96.5%min
PH Value 8-9
Sp. Gravity 2.7g/cm3
Humidity 0.2%max.
Acid Insoluble 0.3% Max
Loss on Ignition 43.80 % min.
Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers
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