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Optical Brightener Importers
ALA Polystabs Private Limited is a dominant Optical Brightener Importers. This product is developed under the supervision of an expert research and development team, which makes it suitable for every field.

Chemical substances known as optical brighteners absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (generally between 340 and 370 nm) and re-emit it in the blue part of the spectrum (commonly between 420 and 470 nm) through the process of fluorescence. These additives are frequently used to improve the color of paper and fabric, producing a "whitening" effect that makes naturally yellow/orange materials appear less yellow/orange by making up for the material's lack of blue and purple light reflection with the fluorophore's blue and purple optical emission.

Laundry detergents frequently contain brighteners to provide the appearance of cleaner clothing. In addition, it is frequently employed in papers, particularly high-brightness papers, giving them a powerfully fluorescent appearance when exposed to UV light. Cosmetics is another industry that employs optical brighteners. One use is in shampoos and conditioners for grey or blonde hair, where the brightener can improve the hair's sparkle and luminosity while also removing dull, yellowish discoloration without making the hair darker.

Our best-quality optical brightener will meet your actual requirement in quality and volume. Along with that, we give vital import fields, that encompass code, product description, quantity, price, etc. We try our best to ship the product on time and offer customer assistance in the future. We are also known as Vietnam Calcium Carbonate Importers.


We are the top Optical Brightener Importers for Detergents. We have the highest quality bleaching-resistant optical brighteners in the world, and Alapolystabs is a certified manufacturer of heat-resistant optical brighteners.

Optical brighteners are synthetic chemical substances that increase the yellowness of cloth and offer brightness. This is why optical brighteners are employed in laundry detergents.

Clothes gradually lose their inherent whiteness as time passes. That's where our Megawhite Optical Brightner comes in, not only to protect that whiteness but also the brightness and color of your clothes.


We are well-known suppliers of Optical Brighteners for Textiles. Another important application of OBAs is in the textile sector, where every cloth must be bleached before being processed because the raw material is full of impurities and is grey in color.

However, bleaching does not provide total whitening, necessitating the use of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs).

Our professionals with extensive subject knowledge provide high-quality Optical Brighteners for Textiles in accordance with industry requirements. Alapolystabs is a well-known producer and supplier of optical brighteners as well as PVC Stabilizer Manufacturers in India and Metal Stearates Manufacturers.


Alapolystabs is a major manufacturer and maker of Paper Optical Brighteners. Our products are tailored to each industry standard for paper manufacture.

In paper mills, optical brighteners are used to remove the inherent yellowness of pulp and brighten the paper. The optical brighteners can be used in either the wet or dry end, or in both the wet and dry end. The base sheet brightness and whiteness of the pulp, UV competitors, OBA retention, quenching effects, and OBA migration at the size press are among these parameters. Many paper makers use them in the dry end of the sizing press or by applying a surface coating.

We have access to the highest-quality optical brighteners in the world. Before shipping the products, our professionals guarantee their quality and safety.
Technical Specifications
Optical Brightening Agent OB
  •  Product Class - Optical Brightening Agent for Plastics
  •  Product Name - Optical Brightening Agent OB
  •  Technical Index :
    •  Apperance - Slight Greenish Yellow Powder
    •  Melting Point - 200-202oc
    •  Purity - >=99%
  •  Uses - Mainly use in thermoplastics, polypropylene, films, plastics, polyester etc
  •  Package - 10kg per fiber drum (10x1 kg packets per drum)
Optical Brightening Agent OB1
  •  Product Class - Optical Brightening Agent for Plastics
  •  Product Name - Optical Brightening Agent OB1
  •  Technical Index :
    •  Apperance - Yellow Green Powder
    •  Melting Point - 358-360oc
    •  Purity - >=99%
  •  Uses - Mainly use in PVC pipes, Plastics, polyster etc
  •  Package - 10kg per fiber drum (10x1 kg packets per drum)
Optical Brightener Importers
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